Power Plant Engineering and Process Plant Design Services

Technical Expertise in Design, Development and Validation in the areas of Mechanical and Electrical Systems for

Solar Power plants, Diesel/Gas Genset Power plants and Microgrids

  • Energy Storage Systems ( Batteries, Capacitors, Controls)
  • Feasbility and Concept developent of Solar and DG Power plants
  • Engineering for Oil& Gas systems, Process plants
  • Prototype development and testing
  • Project Management and Site Coordination services

Our Expertise and Core Competencies ...

Our expertise in blending the latest global technology for cost effective local solutions, leveraging the available material and manufacturing methods in the region - ensures that our designs and system integration provide best value for money for our customers.

How we serve our customers at Vineeti Technologies ...

We provide end to end tehnical consultancy services with integrated consulting, design, automation and monitoring in the areas Product and Process design for various applications - Industrial Process plants, Power Plants, Off highway equipment, Medical Devices and others. Our cost effective services are customized for Corporates, Medium and Small companies to develop long term partnerships to ensure our customer's success.

We offer end to end product development services for mechatronics, embedded and control systems in domains like off highway equipment, energy systems and medical devices. Starting from detailed customer requirement gathering - we develop concepts, finalize design configuration, system integration, develop prototypes, validate and finalize the production configuration
We help our customers develop Process plants and Power plants with different technologies to meet their customized requirements. Our expertise ranges from Feasibility analysis, Application Engineering, Basic Engineering and comprehensive Project Management of complete EPC projects - from green field to conmissioning .
Concept development of Solar Power plant, Diesel/ Gas Genset based power plant, Energy storage sytems for various applications like Factories, Commercial Establishments and Independent Power producers. We provided end-to-end services from Feasibilty evaluation, application engineering, Detail Engineering, Sire Execution Coordination, Commissioning and Operation & Maintenance services

Domains we Serve

  • Solar Roof top and Land based Power plants
  • Gas and Diesel Genset based power plants
  • Energy Storage Systems (Batteries, controls)
  • Microgrids ( Solar PV+ Battery+ DGs)
  • Oil& Gas field equipment and piping systems

Our Commitment to Customers

  • End to end services with long term partnerships
  • Customized domain specific services
  • Global best practices with a practical Indian approach
  • Effective validation techniques
  • Cost Effective and results based collaboration

Areas of Focus

  • Power plant (1kW-10MW) application engineering, configuration and detail engineering
  • Industrial process plant design and engineering
  • Concept design, Basic Engineering, Detail Engineering, Site Execution coordination and Operation and Maintenance
  • Emerging market product design, prototype development & testing
  • Leveraging Data Analytics for Product and Process Improvement

Vineeti Technologies, Bangalore, India

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